April 11th – May 11th Norfolk Birding Tours & Species recorded

Species recorded during April – May 11th

During April 11th to May 11th 2022. There was quite a backlog of people as well as advertised Norfolk group tours and I ended up running guided birdwatching tours on 19 days during this period! It was impossible to keep up with daily Norfolk trip reports on the website. So condensed below is some nice pictures taken by clients on the tours, followed by a list of the species recorded with some numbers and insight into the more unusual or tricky species we saw on the tours during this period.

Greylag GooseNumerous
Greater White-fronted Goose1Present at Potter Heigham till end of April
Dark- bellied Brent Goose100Still present of April Blakeney harbour
Red-breasted Goose1Present till end of April and seen on both group tours
Canada Goosenum
Mute Swannum
Egyptian Goosenum
Common Shelduck
Garganey2Seen at Cley & Hickling on 5 day & 3 day group tours
Northern Shovelernum
Eurasian Wigeon1-2Still 1-2 end of April
Northern Pintail2Still present end of April
Eurasian Teal10Few still end of April
Common Pochard12Breeding pairs noted at several localities
Tufted Duck4+Titchwell Marsh RSPB Reserve
Common Eider11-2 noted early April offhshore
Common Scoter4000Early April, off Holme but very few by the end of April
Grey Partridge1-2Seen on the group tours
Common Pheasant
Red-legged Partridge
Little Grebe
Great Crested Grebe
Stock Dove
Common Woodpigeon
Collared Dove
Common Cuckoo1-2Seen at the end of April, Holme, Snettisham CP
Common Swift4Late April
Common Moorhen
Eurasian Coot
Stone-curlew2Seen on all the Brecks trips in April
Pied AvocetnumHolkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Black-winged Stilt4Seen at Hickling on May 10th tour
Eurasian OystercatchernumHolkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Grey Plover20+still late April
Northern Lapwingnum
White-tailed Lapwing1Wild Ken Hill Estate seen on group tour on 10th April
Common Ringed Plover num
Little Ringed Plover1
Eurasian Dotterel3Thornham Bank, Green Lane, seen on late April tours
WhimbrelRegSmall groups seen regularly during April tours
Eurasian Curlew1Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Bar-tailed GodwitReg
Black-tailed GodwitRegPlenty of migrating Icelandica flocks seen during April
Ruddy TurnstoneReg
Red Knot Reg
Ruff12Up to 12 still late April at various locations
Common Snipe5Still present at several sites early May
Jack Snipe1Still present end of April Thornham
Common Sandpiper2Holme Bird Observatory (restricted access)
Green Sandpiper5Hickling Broad NNR–Potter Heigham Marshes
Common Greenshank3Hickling Broad NNR–Potter Heigham Marshes
Wood Sandpiper4Seen regularly and 4 Hickling end of April
Common Redshank12Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Black-headed Gull1Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Little Gull12cy 9th May at Titchwell
Mediterranean Gull2Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Common Gull Snettisham RSPB Reserve
Herring Gull1Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Lesser Black-backed Gull Snettisham RSPB Reserve
Great Black-backed Gull1Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Common Tern2Snettisham RSPB Reserve
Sandwich Tern4Holme Bird Observatory (restricted access)
Northern Fulmar1Holme Dunes NWT NR and NNR
Great Cormorant5Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Great Bittern1Singles heard N Norfolk and one seen in flight at Lakenheath
Grey Heron2Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Great White Egret2Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Little Egret5Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Glossy Ibis4Hickling Broad NNR–Potter Heigham Marshes April-May
Eurasian Spoonbill3Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Western Marsh Harrier8Max count Titchwell Marsh RSPB Reserve
Eurasian Sparrowhawk2Snettisham RSPB Reserve
Northern Goshawk1Seen early April tour but not later.
Red Kitenum
Common BuzzardnumHolkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Common Kestrel1Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Hobby30Up to 30 seen Lakenheath early may
Peregrine Falcon1Snettisham RSPB Reserve
Eurasian JaynumHickling Broad NNR–Potter Heigham Marshes
Common Magpienum
Eurasian Jackdawnum
Carrion Crownum
Marsh Tit1-2Seen in the Brecks
Eurasian Blue Tit num
Great Titnum
Woodlark2-4Seen on all April group tours
Eurasian Skylark
Bearded Tit4Holkham NNR–Burnham Overy Marshes
Sedge Warbler
Eurasian Reed Warbler
Common Grasshopper Warbler1-3Mainly heard, one seen
Savi’s Warbler1Singing from undisclosed location on May 10th
Sand MartinNotably small numbers
Barn SwallowNotably small numbers
Willow WarblerNumat Hickling
Common Chiffchaff1
Cetti’s WarblerNum
Long-tailed TitNum
Eurasian BlackcapNum
Garden Warbler2-3Santon Downham–River Ouse
Lesser Whitethroat2Wild Ken Hill Estate–Snettisham Coastal Park
Common Whitethroat1Snettisham RSPB Reserve
Goldcrest1Holme Bird Observatory (restricted access)
Firecrest4+Seen and heard on all group tours to Brecks
Eurasian Nuthatch3Santon Downham–River Ouse
Eurasian Treecreeper2Santon Downham–River Ouse
Eurasian Wren
Common Starling
Mistle Thrush3-4Regular in the Brecks
Song Thrush
Eurasian Blackbird
Fieldfare1Holkham NNR late bird April 28th
Ring Ouzel3-4Seen Burnham Overy area on 2 group tours
Nightingale4 ♂Singing near Lakenheath late April
European Robin
Whinchat3males at Holme, Salthouse & Hickling on group tours
European Stonechatnum
Northern Wheatear4-5Poor spring passage but seen regularly
House Sparrow 
Western Yellow Wagtail1Poor passage 1-2 seen on late April tours
Pied WagtailNum
White Wagtail3Thornham pools late April
Meadow Pipit80Hunstanton Cliffs Vizmig
Tree Pipit4Singing and seen on all group tours late April Santon Downham
Common Chaffinch
European Greenfinch
Common Linnet
Lesser Redpoll10Santon Downham–River Ouse
European Goldfinch
Eurasian SiskinBreeding birds still around in Brecks
Common Reed Bunting