October Norfolk Birding sightings

The following is an overview of the birds recorded whilst guiding and birding in Norfolk during October.

Birds seen whilst birding without are marked with an asterisk*! Dates is either first date recorded, or the date with the largest count. The more unusual species and larger counts are in bold.

Guiding on:- October 11th, 12-16th 5 day tour, 22nd & 28th-30th 3 day tour

1Greylag Goose1Seen on all trips04-Oct-23
2Pink-footed Goose5000Steady increase, seen daily, roost at Snettisham high tide day of c500004-Oct-23
3Dark-bellied Brent Goose400Seen daily with flocks of 300+ at many locations.06-Oct-23
4Barnacle Goose25Feral flocks Frampton Marsh RSPB Reserve & seen at Wells North Point13-Oct-23
5Canada Goose20Regular around Cley06-Oct-23
6Mute Swan5Seen daily04-Oct-23
7Whooper Swan2North Point Wells-next-sea. Also 2 migrating groups seen of 4 & 16.04-Oct-23
8Egyptian Goose12Regularly along coast04-Oct-23
9Common Shelduck20Seen on all tours08-Oct-23
10Northern Shoveler20Seen on all tours04-Oct-23
11Gadwall250Seen on all tours04-Oct-23
12Eurasian Wigeon200Seen on all tours04-Oct-23
13Mallard12Seen on all tours04-Oct-23
14Northern Pintail30Seen regualrly biggest groups Stiffkey Fen & Snettisham04-Oct-23
15Eurasian Teal100Large numbers now arrived, seen on all tours04-Oct-23
16Tufted Duck6Holme & Titchwell13-Oct-23
17Common Eider7Occasionally seen offshore08-Oct-23
18Velvet Scoter1seen irregualrly from mid Oct, 1 regularly off Holme.06-Oct-23
19Common Scoter2000Up to 2000 off Holme & Titchwell coast06-Oct-23
20Long-tailed Duck1Salthouse30-Oct-23
21Common Goldeneye2Blakeney NNR08-Oct-23
22Red-breasted Merganser5Cley & Salthouse Marshes12-Oct-23
23Common Pheasant10Holme NWT06-Oct-23
24Red-legged Partridge12Frampton Marsh RSPB13-Oct-23
25Little Grebe2Holme NWT06-Oct-23
26Red-necked Grebe1Blakeney NNR21-Oct-23
27Great Crested Grebe12Holme on sea, also seen Titchwell offshore06-Oct-23
28Feral Pigeon1Seen on all tours06-Oct-23
29Stock Dove Seen regularly03-Oct-23
30Common Woodpigeon Numerous03-Oct-23
31Collared Dove1Seen daily06-Oct-23
32Common Swift1Holme NWT – single late bird06-Oct-23
33Water Rail1Cley & Salthouse Marshes showing. Heard regularly elsewhere12-Oct-23
34Common Moorhen2Holme NWT06-Oct-23
35Eurasian Coot10Holme NWT06-Oct-23
36Common Crane5Flew west over Cockley Cley14-Oct-23
37Pied Avocet6Cley & Salthouse Marshes12-Oct-23
38Eurasian Oystercatcher200Holme NWT06-Oct-23
39Grey Plover100Snettisham RSPB on hihg tide08-Oct-23
40European Golden Plover500North Point, Wells-next-the-Sea04-Oct-23
41Common Ringed Plover4Seen regualrly in small numbers08-Oct-23
42Northern Lapwing30Holme NWT06-Oct-23
43Whimbrel3Late birds out on Blakeney harbour area08-Oct-23
44Eurasian Curlew200Seen regualrly up to 200 at Snettisham on High tides06-Oct-23
45Bar-tailed Godwit2000Seen regualrly up to 2000 at Snettisham on High tides12-Oct-23
46Black-tailed Godwit100Cley & Salthouse Marshes04-Oct-23
47Long-billed Dowitcher1Cley & we also found it at Stiffkey Fen in Sept, but disappeared late October15-Oct-23
48Jack Snipe*1One flushed (not guiding) off Blakeney Point08-Oct-23
49Eurasian Woodcock2Holme NWT arrived in off sea, another in off the Sea Warham Greens22-Oct-23
50Common Snipe2North Point, Wells-next-the-Sea04-Oct-23
51Wilson’s Phalarope1Stiffkey Fen–North Fen04-Oct-23
52Grey Phalarope2Cley Coastguards flew along the shoreline in NE blow, seawatching15-Oct-23
53Green Sandpiper1Stiffkey Fen–North Fen04-Oct-23
54Wood Sandpiper1Titchwell Marsh RSPB14-Oct-23
55Common Redshank10Blakeney NNR08-Oct-23
56Lesser Yellowlegs1Frampton Marsh RSPB13-Oct-23
57Spotted Redshank1Titchwell Marsh RSPB14-Oct-23
58Common Greenshank8Stiffkey Fen–North Fen04-Oct-23
59Ruddy Turnstone1Blakeney NNR08-Oct-23
60Red Knot90000Snettisham RSPB on high tide06-Oct-23
61Ruff4Stiffkey Fen–North Fen04-Oct-23
62Sanderling25Holme NWT06-Oct-23
63Dunlin100Cley & Salthouse Marshes06-Oct-23
64Little Stint4Frampton Marsh RSPB13-Oct-23
65Pectoral Sandpiper1Seen twice whilst guiding at North Point, Wells-next-the-Sea04-Oct-23
66Arctic Skua5Cley Coastguards flew along the shoreline in NE blow, seawatching06-Oct-23
67Great Skua1Cley & Salthouse Marshes12-Oct-23
68Razorbill10Holme NWT06-Oct-23
69Common Guillemot2Blakeney NNR08-Oct-23
70Little Gull200Influx during Northerly gales end of Oct Cley Coastguards21-Oct-23
71Black-legged Kittiwake2Cley & Salthouse Marshes12-Oct-23
72Black-headed Gull1Seen daily03-Oct-23
73Mediterranean Gull1Holme NWT06-Oct-23
74Common Gull70Holme NWT06-Oct-23
75Herring Gull6Seen daily03-Oct-23
76Great Black-backed Gull4Holme NWT06-Oct-23
77Lesser Black-backed Gull15Seen irregularly inland or at gull roosts03-Oct-23
78Black Tern1Cley Coastguards15-Oct-23
79Arctic Tern21-2 juvs seen off Cley Coastguards early October08-Oct-23
80Common Tern1Holme NWT06-Oct-23
81Roseate Tern3an adult and 2 juvs seen off Cley Coastguards08-Oct-23
82Sandwich Tern4Holme NWT06-Oct-23
83Red-throated Diver25Cley Coastguards12-Oct-23
84Sooty Shearwater1Cley Coastguards12-Oct-23
85Manx Shearwater2Cley Coastguards12-Oct-23
86Northern Gannet100Holme NWT06-Oct-23
87Great Cormorant5Holme NWT06-Oct-23
88European Shag1Holme Dunes NWT NR and NNR25-Oct-23
89Little Egret4Stiffkey Fen–North Fen04-Oct-23
90Western Cattle Egret19Up to 19 at Holme NWT till end of month06-Oct-23
91Great White Egret1Holme NWT09-Oct-23
92Grey Heron1Holme NWT06-Oct-23
93Glossy Ibis1Great views at Kelling Water Meadows30-Oct-23
94Eurasian Spoonbill14Stiffkey Fen–North Fen & 7 flew over at Snettisham 1st Nov.04-Oct-23
95Western Marsh Harrier1North Point, Wells-next-the-Sea04-Oct-23
96Hen Harrier1Single ringtails at Holme & Titchwell21-Oct-23
97Eurasian Sparrowhawk1Holme NWT06-Oct-23
98Eurasian Goshawk1Cockley Cley area03-Oct-23
99Red Kite1Stiffkey Fen–North Fen04-Oct-23
100Common Buzzard4Seen daily03-Oct-23
101Barn Owl2Holme NWT31-Oct-23
102Short-eared Owl13Singles at Holme & 13 in off sea on Blakeney NNR (latter not guiding)08-Oct-23
103Common Kingfisher2Seen regularly04-Oct-23
104Eurasian Green Woodpecker1Seen irregularly03-Oct-23
105Common Kestrel1North Point, Wells-next-the-Sea04-Oct-23
106Peregrine Falcon1Holme NWT & Snettisham on high tide06-Oct-23
107Eurasian Jay1Seen daily03-Oct-23
108Common Magpie4Seen daily03-Oct-23
109Eurasian Jackdaw10Holme NWT06-Oct-23
110Rook1Cley & Salthouse Marshes12-Oct-23
111Carrion Crow10Seen daily03-Oct-23
112Common Raven1Seen at Holkham03-Oct-23
113Marsh Tit1Seen regularly in Breckland visits14-Oct-23
114Eurasian Blue Tit1Seen daily03-Oct-23
115Great Tit1Seen daily03-Oct-23
116Shore Lark*3Holme Dunes NWT – seen but not guiding19-Oct-23
117Woodlark2Seen regularly in Breckland visits14-Oct-23
118Eurasian Skylark26Seen daily – Birds arriving in off sea and Southerly migration noted from mid October.03-Oct-23
119Bearded Tit14Cley & Salthouse Marshes12-Oct-23
120Barn Swallow40Migrants still obvious first week of October, 1-2’s there after03-Oct-23
121Western House Martin1Migrants still obvious first week of October, 1-2’s there after03-Oct-23
122Common Chiffchaff1Migrants still obvious first week of October, 1-2’s there after03-Oct-23
123Yellow-browed Warbler1One eventually showed v well here and calling as well.31-Oct-23
124Cetti’s Warbler1Holme NWT06-Oct-23
125Long-tailed Tit10Seen daily03-Oct-23
126Eurasian Blackcap3Blakeney NNR08-Oct-23
127Lesser Whitethroat1Blakeney NNR08-Oct-23
128Common Whitethroat1Holme Dunes NWT NR and NNR10-Oct-23
129Goldcrest1Seen daily03-Oct-23
130Eurasian Nuthatch1Bird seen and heard on visits to Brecks03-Oct-23
131Eurasian Treecreeper1Bird seen and heard on visits to Brecks03-Oct-23
132Eurasian Wren1Seen daily03-Oct-23
133Common Starling69Holme NWT06-Oct-23
134Mistle Thrush3Bird seen and heard on visits to Brecks03-Oct-23
135Song Thrush1Birds arriving in off sea and Southerly migration noted from mid October.03-Oct-23
136Redwing31Holme NWT06-Oct-23
137Eurasian Blackbird2Frampton Marsh RSPB13-Oct-23
138Fieldfare800Snettisham RSPB16-Oct-23
139Ring Ouzel*1Blakeney Point  (not guding)08-Oct-23
140European Robin1Birds arriving in off sea and Southerly migration noted from early October.03-Oct-23
141European Stonechat3Blakeney NNR08-Oct-23
142Northern Wheatear21-2 still early October08-Oct-23
143Bohemian Waxwing10Flocks of 5, 4 over Snettisham & a single perched at Holme 31st25-Oct-23
144Dunnock2Seen daily03-Oct-23
145House Sparrow1Cley & Salthouse Marshes12-Oct-23
146Eurasian Tree Sparrow20Cockley Cley–Pig Fields14-Oct-23
147Grey Wagtail3Holme NWT06-Oct-23
148Pied Wagtail/White Wagtail4Southerly migration noted through October.03-Oct-23
149Meadow Pipit50Seen daily. Southerly migration throughout03-Oct-23
150Scandanivian Rock Pipit5Blakeney NNR08-Oct-23
151Common Chaffinch*47902A record count of migrants from Hunstanton cliffs (not guiding) see Trektellen for full details03-Oct-23
152Brambling5Holme NWT – also noted Southerly migrants overhead at Snettisham08-Oct-23
153Eurasian Bullfinch2Seen irregularly03-Oct-23
154European Greenfinch2Seen on most trips03-Oct-23
156Common Linnet40Seen daily03-Oct-23
157Lesser Redpoll10Cley Walsey Hills and 1-2 migrants heard flying over03-Oct-23
159Common Crossbill1Holme NWT came in over us and landed in Pines29-Oct-23
160European Goldfinch8Seen daily03-Oct-23
162Eurasian Siskin6Small numbers seen mainly migrants flying over03-Oct-23
163Lapland Bunting*1Blakeney NNR seen Blakeney Point not guiding.08-Oct-23
165Yellowhammer1Seen regularly in Breckland visits03-Oct-23
166Common Reed Bunting1Seen regularly03-Oct-23
Short-eared Owl in off the sea at Cley
Snettisham High tide