October 21st Cley & Stiffkey Marshes

An exclusive days guiding around Cley & Salthouse, in tricky showery & windy conditions!

Highlights of the day off Cley – 5 Great Skua, 3 Arctic Skua, a single Manx Shearwater, 50 Little Gull, an adult Mediterranean Gull, good numbers of Red-throated Diver and at the end of the day Stiffkey Greens – 300 Golden Plover, 5 Marsh harrier, Merlin and a ringtail Hen harrier.

1Pink-footed Goose500Cley Marahes
2Dark-bellied Brent Goose200Stiffkey Marshes
3Eurasian Wigeon120Cley Coastguards
4Northern Pintail3Cley Coastguards
5Eurasian Teal200Cley
6Common Scoter40Cley Coastguards
7Common Goldeneye1Walsey Hills NOA NR
8Common Pheasant1Walsey Hills NOA NR
9Little Grebe1Walsey Hills NOA NR
10Great Crested Grebe1Cley Coastguards
11Stock Dove2Stiffkey Marshes
12Common Woodpigeon1Walsey Hills NOA NR
13Collared Dove3Stiffkey Marshes
14Common Moorhen1Walsey Hills NOA NR
15Eurasian Coot1Walsey Hills NOA NR
16Grey Plover12Cley Coastguards
17European Golden Plover300Stiffkey Marshes
18Northern Lapwing30Stiffkey Marshes
19Common Ringed Plover25Cley Coastguards
20Eurasian Curlew20Stiffkey Marshes
21Ruddy Turnstone5Cley Coastguards
22Red Knot100Stiffkey Marshes
23Dunlin70Cley Coastguards
24Common Redshank9Cley Coastguards
25Great Skua5Cley Coastguards
26Arctic Skua3Cley Coastguards
27Common Guillemot50Cley Coastguards
28Razorbill50Cley Coastguards
29Black-legged Kittiwake60Cley Coastguards
30Black-headed Gull1Cley Coastguards
31Little Gull50Cley Coastguards
32Mediterranean Gull1Cley Coastguards
33Common Gull1Cley Coastguards
34Herring Gull1Cley Coastguards
35Great Black-backed Gull1Cley Coastguards
36Common Tern3Cley Coastguards
37Red-throated Diver20+Cley Coastguards
38Manx Shearwater1Cley Coastguards
39Northern Gannet100Cley Coastguards
40Great Cormorant1Cley Coastguards
41Little Egret10Stiffkey Marshes
42Western Marsh Harrier5Stiffkey Marshes
43Hen Harrier1Stiffkey Marshes
44Eurasian Sparrowhawk1Stiffkey Marshes
45Common Buzzard1Stiffkey Marshes
46Merlin1Stiffkey Marshes
47Eurasian Jackdaw1Stiffkey Marshes
48Rook20Stiffkey Marshes
49Coal Tit2Walsey Hills NOA NR
50Eurasian Blue Tit5Walsey Hills NOA NR
51Great Tit3Walsey Hills NOA NR
52Eurasian Skylark1Stiffkey Marshes
53Common Chiffchaff1Walsey Hills NOA NR
54Eurasian Blackcap1Walsey Hills NOA NR
55Goldcrest2Walsey Hills NOA NR
56Eurasian Wren1Walsey Hills NOA NR
57Common Starling100Stiffkey Marshes
58European Robin2Walsey Hills NOA NR
59Dunnock1Walsey Hills NOA NR
60Pied Wagtail/White Wagtail1Walsey Hills NOA NR
61Rock Pipit3Cley Coastguards
62Common Chaffinch1Walsey Hills NOA NR
63European Greenfinch3Walsey Hills NOA NR
64Common Linnet5Walsey Hills NOA NR