Birding on Blakeney Point

I spent the day walking up and back along Blakeney Point. There was a nice fall of migrants especially during mid and late afternoon.

Highlights were Red-breasted Flycatcher, Wryneck and Nightjar & 3 Lapland Buntings with a nice scattering of other commoner migrants.

Found a round 6.30pm on the way back
An unexpected bird, a migrant juvenile Nightjar flushed from the sueda

Nightjar – 1 found out in Sueda beyond the Lifeboat station

Red-breasted Flycatcher  1     Found late on with Hugh Venables near the Hood at East end around 620pm. Tricky to get any prolonged perched views in sueda. We flushed it a dozen times, easy to see the white upper tail sides each time it flew. It looked pale on underparts, dark grey above. On views we thought it was a first winter.

Eurasian Wryneck  1     On shingle just West of Halfway house 6.30pm

Eurasian Wigeon  25     In off
Northern Pintail  1     In off
Common Woodpigeon  1

Eurasian Oystercatcher  1
Grey Plover  1
Common Ringed Plover  5
Whimbrel  1     Flew West
Eurasian Curlew  1
Ruddy Turnstone  10
Dunlin  6
Common Snipe  1     Over calling high
Common Greenshank  1
Common Redshank  10
Black-headed Gull  1
Common Gull  1
Herring Gull  1
Great Black-backed Gull  1
Common Tern  1
Sandwich Tern  2
Northern Gannet  5
Great Cormorant  15
Little Egret  2
Common Buzzard  1
Common Kestrel  1
Carrion Crow  1
Eurasian Skylark  5
Barn Swallow  1
Willow Warbler  5
Common Chiffchaff  1
Common Whitethroat  1
Goldcrest  4
Eurasian Wren  1
Common Starling  1
Song Thrush  8
Fieldfare  1
Spotted Flycatcher  2
European Robin  10

Common Redstart  12
Whinchat  1
European Stonechat  5
Northern Wheatear  20
Dunnock  6
Western Yellow Wagtail  1     Far point feeding with Mipits
Pied Wagtail  3
Meadow Pipit  50     Far point
Rock Pipit (Scandinavian)  1     Over calling
Common Linnet  50
European Goldfinch  5
Lapland Bunting  3     Singles at Halfway house, Long hills & Far point
Common Reed Bunting  3