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  We offer the following tours & workshops

  Norfolk Winter Birding Tours
  Norfolk Spring Birding Tours
  Norfolk Summer Birding Tours
  Norfolk Autumn Birding Tours
  Norfolk Exclusive Birding Tours
  Norfolk Wildlife photography tours

  Scotland Tours
  Feb & March Islay one week birding tours
  May Highlands one week birding tour
  June Outer Hebs  Eight day birding tour

  Spain Tours
  April Extremadura one week birding tour
  September Andalucia one week birding tour
  November Extremadura one week birding tour
  Bespoke 2-4 day birding tours

  India Tours
  December - North India 2 week wildlife tour
  March - NE India 2 week
  Customised itinerary tours

  Photography Tours
  One to One workshops
  Introductory one to one workshop
  Intermediate & Subject selection workshop

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