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  North India Exclusive Birding Tours D
  November 2018 to February 2019
  A 14 day tour of North India, fully inclusive tour
  Based on 2 persons/tour cost from £2850.00
  Based on 4 persons/tour cost from £2450.00
  Single room supplement £700.00
  Price Excludes flights.

  Tour cost 13 nights/14 days

  Typical tour itinerary below but  this can be
  tailored to your choices, prices may vary.
  1 night stopover on arrival Delhi
  4 nights & 3 days at Bharatpur with transfer via
  Taj Mahal and train to Ramnagar.
  2 nights and 2 days around Nainatal and
  Pangkot in foothills and forest.
  Transfer to Corbett buffer zone
  3 nights and 3 days in Corbett NP.
  Transfer to Vangat
  2 nights and 2 days in beautiful river valley in
  Corbett buffer zone.

  Transfer back to Delhi for flight back to UK.

  If you are interested in arranging an itinerary
  to North/North East India then please contact
  us and we can discuss your requirements.

  Send India exclusive tour request

Exclusive North India Wildlife & India Birdwatching Tours

We offer you the opportunity to create  your own North India birding and  wildlife tour.  We will discuss, develop and arrange the itinerary,
Our regular Indian tour operator will arrange collection from the airport, your accommodation, transport and  English speaking guides.
Visit Bharatpur wetland, see the  Himalayas, stay in Corbett NP and look for Tigers, Leopard, Elephant and visit the Taj Mahal.
As part of your itinerary you may wish to visit the  incredible Vanghat campsite, a remote, beautiful camp situated
in a lovely forested river valley, Details of the Vanghat Camp are below.

  Taj Mahal, Tigers, Elephants,  Himalayas and iconic birds, add to
  this, all of the other birds, wildlife, plus the sights, sounds and
  intensity that is only India. Then  this culminates in a trip of a lifetime!

  2012 Trip report click here

  North India exclusive tour for iconic birds Forktails, Ibisbill, Rubythroats
  and Bluethroat, see the vast wetland of Bharatpur in Keolado NP,
  thousands of storks, herons, egrets and ducks.
  See the beautiful forest in the foothills of the Himalaya's and a great
  chance of seeing a Tiger, seen on each trip in the last 3 years.
  Vanghat Cottage accommodation and Tours
  You can just stay at Vanghat and enjoy the
  amazing surroundings and wildlife! Arrange
  a 3-4 day stay and explore the beautiful birds,
  wildlife and tranquility. If you are more into
  an activity based stay, then we can integrate
  birding, butterfly, photography, angling and
  walking into your stay.

  There are only 5 cottages at the camp, so
  peace and quiet are guaranteed. You will need
  to be able to walk around 2 miles over a hillside
  and river path, as this is the only access to the
  camp. You will be greeted at the start of the
  walk by porters from the camp and they will
  carry all your luggage and equipment to the
  camp. You will just enjoy a superb walk into
  the river valley!

  There is an amazing raft crossing at the end of
  the walk to finally reach the camp. You will be
  given and required to wear a life jacket, just for
  safety precautions.

  You will then walk a short distance around the
  river bend and the camp stands like a jewel in
  the hillside, it sympathetically blends naturally
  into it's surroundings.

  The gardens of the camp feel like an extension
  of the wooded hillside, birds abound!

  The 5 cottages are each set individually, within
  there are own setting. Each cottage has a
  bedroom area with a double bed, with an
  en-suite bathroom off the room.

  Evenings are often spent by the campfire,
  you an enjoy the natural sounds, stars and
  the amazing night sky free from light pollution!
  Enjoy all of this with a drink or two.

  At the camp, breakfast, lunches & evening
  meals are served in the communual dining area

  The camp and surrounding area is rich with
  birds, regular and noteable species are Brown
  Dipper, Wallcreeper, Spotted and Little Forktail,
  Plumbous and White- capped Water Redstarts,
  several species of Wagtails  The rich river
  habitat attracts Pallas' and the Lesser
  fish eagle at dusk.

  The forest has White throated and White-
  crested laughing thrush, Common Green
  Magpie, Long-tailed Broadbill, Maroon Orioles,
  Blue winged Minla, Black Throated Tit, Grey
  headed canary Flycatcher, Chestnut bellied
  nuthatch and Scarlet Minivets. Plain backed
  and Scaly Thrush, Great Pied hornbills are
  seen as they fly over.

  Based on Double room/2 person sharing a
  cottage with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  Price 2 nights/2 days stay is  £100 per person
  Price 3 nights/3 days stay is  £140 per person
  Price 4 nights/4 days stay is  £180 per person

  You can choose to add any range of activities,
  birding, wildlife and photography should be
  requested ideally beforehand as we will need
  to arrange guides.

  If you are interested in arranging a visit to
  Vanghat or a North/North East India itinerary
  then please contact us and we can discuss
  your requirements.

  Send request for Vanghat Camp stay

  Vanghat Cottages and Camp are situated on the Ramganga at the
  edge of Corbet Tiger Reserve (Uttaranchal, India), an exclusive
  accommodation option for those seeking absolute solitude.

  The lodge offers awe-inspiring opportunities to wildlife enthusiasts and
  birders as well as those just looking for relaxing time amidst nature.
  Opportunities to undertake jungle safaris with experienced
  naturalists. All of the images shown have been taken at the camp.

Vanghat Cottages and Camp

Visit the incredible Vangat campsite, a remote, beautiful camp situated in a lovely forested river valley, on the edge of Corbett NP. The camp is  only
accessible by 2 miles of walking. The valley is full of wildlife, the camp just blends into the natural environment. This is a magical place, I know as
I have visited the camp now on 5 different occasions!
  Accommodation and food
  There are 5 spacious stone and thatch huts, which merge in with the
  environment but are clean and very comfortable, complete with
  verandas and splendid views of the wooded hills and river valley.
  The lodge has been designed to provide a comfortable, welcoming
  and environmental stay.
  The lodges have won the hearts of tourists serving mouth watering
  and  Indian, Continental and Chinese food. Tea and coffee are
  available throughout the day.

  Meals are served in a dining room that offers marvelous views of the
  dense forest all around.

  Approach to isolated Vanghat Riverine Woods is on foot through
  pristine Sal forest hence average fitness and walking shoes are vital.