Birding & Wildlife Tours schedule in 2017

In between the tours listed we are available for exclusive guiding on one to one basis or for exclusive group tours.
If you need further information then email

January 15th Norfolk high tide spectacular day tour
January 18-23rd Norfolk 5 day winter tour
January 27th- 29th Norfolk 3 day winter tour

February 3rd Norfolk Hawfinch, Goshawk & Brecks group day tour
February 7th - 9th Exclusive 3 day tour
February 11-12th Norfolk  children 10-16 & parent(s) 2 day tour
February 15th Exclusive Day tour
February 25th - March 4th Scotland Islay 7 day group tour

March 10-12th Norfolk 3 day group tour
March 28th-30th Norfolk 3 day group tour

April 18th-25th Spain Extremadura 7 day group tour
April 28th-29th Norfolk 2 day group tour

May 3-4th Norfolk 2 day exclusive tour
May 6th-13th Scottish Highlands group tour
May 19-21st Norfolk 3 day group tour
May 24-27th Norfolk 3 day group tour

June 2nd-10th Scotland Outer Hebrides 7 day group tour
June 17th Norfolk Nightjar & Owls evening
June 19th-20th Norfolk Exclusive tour
June 30th Norfolk Nightjar & Owls evening

July 13-16th Norfolk Birds, insects & orchids photography & wildlife group tour

September 4-11th Spain Andalucia Amazing migrants  group tour
September 22nd-24th Norfolk Waders & high tide spectacular group tour

October 12-16th Norfolk Scarce & Rare bird tour 5 day group tour
October 21st-23rd Norfolk Rare bird & high tide spectacular 3 day group tour

November 6-8th Norfolk Migration & high tide spectacular 3 day group tour
November 27th-December 11th - North India Birds & Tigers group tour

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