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  Forthcoming 2016 -2017 Tours
  Norfolk Group Tours
  May 19-21st 3 day Spring tour fully booked
  May 24-26th 3 day Spring tour fully booked
  June 17-18th Owls, Nightjars & Sunday fully booked
  June 30th Owls & Nightjars evening spaces
  July 13-16th 4 Day Wildlife & photography tour
  September 22nd-24th Waders & shorebird high tide
  October 11-15th 5 day tour fully booked
  October 21st-23rd 3 day tour spaces

  North India Group Tours
  November 27th - December 11th 2017 - Spaces

  Scotland Group 2017 Tours
  Feb 25th - March 4th Islay tour Fully booked
  May 6th - 13th Scottish Highlands Fully booked
  June 2nd -10th Outer Hebrides Fully booked

  Spain Group 2017 Tours
  April 18-25th 2017 - Extremadura Fully booked
  September 4th-11th 2017 Andalucia Fully booked

  We can organise exclusive tours for groups
  of 2-12 persons with accommodation to all
  of the above areas just contact us for details.

Cley Spy Optics
"I loved India and the trip all round, thanks for everything during the two week tour.
It was brilliantly organised, as always". Richard Horton, North India Dec 2016.

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Norfolk Autumn tours

  Guided birdwatching tours and holidays in Norfolk, Scotland, Spain & India.
Guided wildlife photography in Norfolk.

Why join our Norfolk birdwatching and Norfolk wildlife holidays and tours?
Collected and dropped off each day in our licensed 9 seater minibus,  fully arranged Guest house/Hotel accommodation
with breakfast and packed lunches, great days out birding with an educational backdrop.

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